Energy Services

We combine innovative technologies & technical expertise to create energy solutions & services for municipal, commercial & industrial operations.

Innovative technologies. Technical expertise. Our district energy networks reduce cities’ carbon footprints and fossil fuel dependence. Whether you’re guided by CO2 reduction targets, or by providing better service to your end-users, our team will create a bespoke solution. We work with you from concept design to full operation, to reduce energy consumption on a large scale.


We’re the global leader in heating and cooling networks. 

Our expertise in their design, construction, operation and maintenance is coupled with extensive knowledge of innovative technologies and energy management. This ensures we provide the best service to end-users.

Understand the challenge: Plug in the solution

Cities around the world need to become more energy efficient. Heating and cooling is a major part of the challenge. Cities need high-performing, highly efficient heating and cooling networks that use less, emit less, cost less and make use of renewable and recovered energy – all while providing an excellent service to end-users. With our focus on renewables, environmental sustainability and maximising service efficiencies, we can plug in our district energy solutions to help with:

Leveraging performance in the urban environment

Urban heating and cooling networks save energy and preserve the environment in many ways. They replace thousands of individual cooling systems with a modern, reliable industrial system, and increasingly make use of renewable energy (biomass) and recovered energy (waste, industrial gaseous effluent, etc.). They can also be associated with combined heat and power, or cogeneration plants, which are much more efficient than conventional methods.


Sustainable development

Major cities around the world recognise that urban networks are vital to their development, and are using them as a way of meeting energy saving and CO2 reduction targets.


Using efficient energy mixes

We are experts at using diverse forms of energy – including coal, gas and biomass – to develop efficient energy mixes. Our technical expertise and unequivocal commitment to quality ensures an on-going availability of affordable energy, as well as strong relationships with end-users.