Remediation Services

Veolia's remediation services division delivers in-field solutions across Australia to a wide range of clients, including government, defence, airports, fire and rescue, major infrastructure, mining, energy, and oil and gas services.

Veolia's Remediation Services

Our capabilities cover the holistic treatment and management for contaminated soil and water, asbestos, complex hazardous waste, and classification of waste and soil. Our international expertise and centres of excellence mean that you will have access to the latest global innovations and procedures.

We provide you with holistic, end-to-end solutions

While striving to understand your business needs, we see your challenges as opportunities for transformation and success. Our team of specialists have the capacity to project manage your remedial action plans for site remediation, tailoring end-to-end solutions to suit your needs from design to completion. This may also include regulatory approvals, community relations activities, developing environmental management plans, and arranging engineering designs. With first-hand knowledge and experience in operational requirements, and guided by Veolia’s purpose of ecological transformation, our team strives to deliver remediation with minimal disruption to your operations and with ambitious environmental outcome targets.

Why choose us?

The collaborative approach Veolia offers provides the ability to draw on both our local and international technical and operational resources. Some of Veolia’s notable capabilities include our national footprint of hazardous waste and soil treatment facilities, resource recovery centres, transport logistics, and industrial services such as pressure washing and industrial cleaning. These integrated solutions can present you with savings of time, money, and management requirements.

Veolia is committed to creating innovative, sustainable solutions to protect our natural resources. This is the meaning behind Ecological Transformation and is the foundation that underpins all that we do. Learn more about how Veolia champions Ecological Transformation.

What substances does Veolia treat?

We specialise in the remediation of complex contaminants and waste streams. Our team has experience in managing contaminants of concern including PCBs, and asbestos, as well as organic and inorganic contaminants including heavy metals, PAHs, TPH, acid sulphate soils, and pesticides.


What do we bring to your project?

  • Project Management
    Start to end project management

    As part of our remediation services offerings, we can provide full project management services from the planning phase to completion, including solution implementation, monitoring, and reporting. Our project management team utilises project management methodologies and customised tools to ensure they deliver the best outcomes for you.

    During the project planning stage, our skilled project managers will collaborate with stakeholders to create a bespoke plan that will offer the best-value solution. Our experienced team will develop a realistic project budget and schedule to meet objectives in the most sustainable way. This is particularly important where regulatory approvals are required or there are potential lead times for equipment acquisition.

  • Compliance
    We prioritise human and environmental safety

    We understand local EPA requirements and place environmental compliance at the heart of our project delivery strategy. We operate numerous EPA-licenced waste management and treatment facilities across Australia and own a large fleet of EPA-licenced waste transport vehicles.

  • Delivery
    We pride ourselves on delivering unique solutions

    At Veolia, we bring designs to life during the build, operation, and maintenance phases for onsite treatment projects. Open and clear communication is considered foundational to successful project delivery.

  • Monitoring & Reporting
    Monitoring systems that support your reporting needs

    We develop and maintain process monitoring systems, offering both manual and remote monitoring solutions. Record keeping is core to us demonstrating regulatory compliance as well as for environmental reporting and project closure reports.


Driving Ecological Transformation for a Sustainable Future

As a leading provider of environmental solutions Veolia is committed to driving the transition towards a circular economy and sustainable future. Our comprehensive services encompass waste management, water treatment, and energy solutions, designed to minimise environmental impact and promote resource efficiency. 

At Veolia, we aim to be the benchmark company for ecological transformation. Guided by four pillars: preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, combating climate change, and decreasing pollution we're able to provide game-changing solutions that are both useful and practical for our customers.





Our team of industry experts are here to support you and your business. We work alongside you to propel your sustainability efforts forward and achieve a common goal of Ecological Transformation.