Data Centre Solutions

Veolia works with many of Australia and New Zealand’s largest data centres to help maintain optimal operational efficiency, ensure occupational health and safety, as well as reduce their environmental footprint.


Servicing Data Centres

Data centres serve a wide variety of functions, but are typically known for remote storage, processing, and distribution of large amounts of data. In an ever advancing world of IT and cloud computing, the role of corporate data centres is expanding rapidly. At Veolia, we work with leading data centres, including Polaris Data Centres and Metronode in maintaining optimal performance, providing the expertise of our local teams with the best practices and lessons learned from our worldwide network of experts and operators.

Data Centre Challenges

Operating within the current economic climate raises a number of key challenges for data centres, including:

  • Energy Efficiency and Green IT: reducing a data centre’s energy consumption / power usage effectiveness (PUE) and carbon footprint (CUE).
  • Capacity to Evolve: data centres must manage the evolving risks associated with service level agreements (SLAs) for power, temperature, and humidity.
  • Cost Effectiveness: competition is fierce, energy costs are significant, and data centres must strive to minimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Reliability and Availability: providing continuity of service of energy systems in order to guarantee full availability of data.


Veolia's data centre solutions

Veolia will plug in to your business to help maintain your profitability and operational capacity. Our team of specialists will work with you to define your challenges with a particular focus on water, waste and energy management, including providing reliable energy efficient solutions, controls systems and power supply.

Waste Management Solutions

  • Waste Recycling/Disposal: ensuring the responsible management of e-waste and chemicals.
  • Waste management and resource recovery, including handling of process waste for recovery, general waste and recyclables, hazardous liquid and sludge waste collection
  • Site assessments, including NABERS Audit
  • Greenfield design/ development of waste/recycling facilities
  • Service re-engineering – collection systems, on-site processing
  • Product destruction
  • Training and education
  • Environmental and efficiency reporting

Water Management Solutions

  • Water/Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE): improving the water chemistry, and lowering the consumption and cost of water.
  • Bespoke system designs
  • Integrated heat cleaning cycles ensure maintenance of hygienic pathways
  • Operations and maintenance of all on-site water management systems and plants
  • Water for environmental discharge or reuse
  • Secure system design, along with skilled technical support
  • Potable water systems
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Refurbishments, upgrades and modifications of existing water treatment plants for manufacturing plants and facilities
  • Containerised mobile units
  • Guaranteed operations and maintenance of water assets water management

Energy Management Solutions

  • Energy/Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE): improving the supply and distribution of power and cooling, and reducing wasted energy.
  • Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) for building upgrades and O&M performance guarantees
  • Energy audits, including NABERS assessment
  • Preventative and corrective energy asset maintenance contracts
  • Reporting on clients energy usage and reductions
  • System Design: Veolia adopts a vendor-neutral approach to assist the owner's design team to specify low risk, operator-friendly equipment, and systems that will deliver peak reliability and efficiency with optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Technical O&M Responsibility: Veolia assumes responsibility for energy production, load balancing, and operations and maintenance of energy assets. For the building, Veolia Energy provides design assistance, and assumes responsibility for environmental health & safety, supervision, and fire safety, and other tasks.
  • Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA’s) - enabling building owners to upgrade facilities using attractive financing structures to provide a cash-flow positive project, enabling energy, water or waste efficiency upgrades
  • Site Mobilization: Veolia can also provide the following site mobilization services including the creation of O&M procedures, Staffing, supplier/service provider negotiations, Testing and commissioning and specialised services such as thermographic scanning.
  • Power Back-up needs including N+1 or N+2