Water Plant Operations

Water plant operations, including water plant management & maintenance. Our skilled team effectively manage wastewater treatment assets such as sewage plants.

Veolia maintains a multi-skilled team who can effectively operate and maintain wastewater treatment assets such as sewage plants across our waste and water divisions.

This service is delivered through a cost effective model that reduces the requirement for specialist teams to be deployed remotely from major centres.

Why choose Veolia for water plant operations?

Veolia has a range of services to help improve water and wastewater treatment plant performance. This includes chemical cleaning for Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, sewage plants and other water infrastructure.

Veolia’s water plant operations solutions can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced operating expenditure through tailored solutions
  • Improved operational efficiencies and treatment plant reliability
  • Synergies achieved through both specialised and bundled service capabilities across waste, water and energy
  • Access to a range of highly efficient technologies that can be plugged into existing plants, increasing productivity without any major capital work
  • Advice on better maintenance and operating practices that deliver greater efficiencies
  • Effective risk mitigation across safety, environment and performance to ensure business continuity delivered through our multi-skilled, multi-disciplined team.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s water plant operations solutions?

In Australia
Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 07 3231 7400.

In New Zealand
Please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 0800 325 542.