Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Veolia offers comprehensive paper and cardboard recycling, including the collection, transfer and disposal of your waste.

Paper and cardboard refers to materials such as office paper, envelopes, magazines, folders, phone books, reports and coloured paper.  Note, items such as carbon paper, wax coated cardboard and tissue paper cannot be recycled under this stream.


What is Veolia’s offering?

Veolia offers collection, transfer and disposal services for this stream, and the details around which equipment would be best suited to your needs can be found here.

Veolia advises all clients to undergo a site waste assessment prior to their selection of equipment and schedules to receive best value for our services.

How do we handle paper and cardboard?

Baling is our most common approach in instilling efficiency in our operations and depending on the geo-location as well as the tonnages provided, this material can either be transferred to one of our local processing centres or dispatched overseas as an additional source of revenue for our clients.  

Want to know more about where your paper and cardboard go?

Learn more about how we recycle paper and cardboard by visiting our sorting and recycling page.