Taylors Road Resource Recovery Precinct

Veolia Taylors Road Resource Recovery Precinct

What's new at Taylors Road RRP?

During 2024 the Taylors Road Resource Recovery Precinct has incorporated further resource recovery options including a depackaging and resource recovery facility and the development of Earthsure's soil wash plant to provide greater soil remediation solutions.  

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890 Taylors Road, Dandenong South VIC 3175

General enquiries: 13 13 35
Taylors Road: (03) 9702 8111

Opening hours
Weighbridge open 7am - 3pm daily
(For times outside of this please contact (03) 9702 8111)

Site not open to the public

What is on site at Taylors Road RRP?

  • Soil remediation and thermal treatment
  • Soil washing
  • Depackaging and resource recovery
  • Priority waste landfilling

Taylors Road RRP Facilities

Taylors Road Resource Recovery Precinct (RRP) is a multipurpose waste management site, located in Dandenong South to the south-east of Melbourne, Victoria. 

The site accepts material from municipal, commercial, and industrial clients for recovery, remediation, and disposal.

EarthSure's remediation solutions

EarthSure is a joint venture between Veolia and Ventia to provide specialist remediation services. EarthSure's state-of-the-art thermal desorption technology remediates Category A and B contaminated soils.

In 2024 a soil washing plant will be introduced as a supplementary treatment option to the existing waste management solutions provided onsite. The plant will transform contaminated soils into valuable products, ready for reuse.  

The output of the soil washing plant is a range of sands and aggregates that can be returned to the site of origin, or reused for civil and construction projects. The small amount of waste concentrate from soil washing is treated onsite by thermal desorption, meaning no transport of residue is required. 

Depackaging facility 

The onsite depackaging facility supports the circular economy by diverting materials away from landfills. Recovered organic materials are sent for composting, while recyclable materials undergo further processing.

Priority waste landfill

Veolia's Taylors Road Landfill is the only facility in Victoria licensed to receive a broad range of solid 'priority waste' (often referred to as 'hazardous waste'), classified as Category B in accordance to EPA Victoria's Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines. 

The site has been specifically designed to include a variety of environmental protection measures, including:

  • Strict waste acceptance and handling procedures
  • Side and basal liner systems
  • Collection and treatment of leachate (wastewater generated within the cell)
  • Collection and use of biogas
  • Groundwater and surface management
  • Detailed environmental monitoring and reporting

These measures meet or exceed requirements set out in the facility's operating licences issues by the EPA.


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