Earthsure - Veolia and Ventia Joint Venture

Earthsure - Veolia and Ventia Joint Venture

Earthsure is your one-stop-shop solution for sustainable processing of contaminated soil and hazardous wastes.

What is on-site at Earthsure - the future of hazardous waste treatment

Earthsure® is a joint venture between Veolia and Ventia, a services provider whose business includes a specialist remediation unit with decades of experience managing the most complex environmental projects in Australia.

Powered by our considerable collective capabilities, Earthsure’s contaminated soil and hazardous waste processing facility delivers the next generation in treatment solutions. The facility is licensed to treat a wide range of hazardous materials generated by civil and environmental remediation projects, for industrial, commercial, utility, manufacturing, government and defence sectors for beneficial reuse where it is viable to do so.

Earthsure is your one-stop-solution for sustainable processing of contaminated soil and hazardous wastes. Victoria’s only facility licensed to accept Category B prescribed industrial waste. We are the only facility in Melbourne also licensed to accept N160 stabilised/ immobilised wastes, such as heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury) and PFAS.

Accepted Waste Types:


  • Hydrocarbons such as oils, tars and petroleum residues
  • Pesticides
  • Munitions
  • PFAS


Heavy metals such as:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium

Earthsure is a sustainable, viable, cost-effective methodology for dealing with organic contaminants, it is important to consider the impacts of inorganic co-contaminants, which require additional treatment.

Key benefits:

  • EPA approved.
  • Licensed to accept material 24/7.
  • Zero-residue beneficial reuse solution.
  • High performance technology capable of providing permanent solutions.
  • All wastes received by Earthsure are certifiably tracked throughout every stage – from the moment it leaves your site to final destruction and disposal or reuse.
  • Wide array of problematic hazardous and industrial wastes treated and stabilised.


  • High-performance and permanent solutions for organic and inorganic contamination
  • Wide array of problematic hazardous and industrial wastes treated and stabilised – not just soil
  • Various advanced treatment processes including direct flame thermal desorption and chemical immobilisation
  • Full cradle to grave materials tracking for absolute compliance and surety
  • Zero-residue beneficial reuse solution
  • Safe, proven and cost-effective

Earthsure Details

Find out more about our Thermal Processing Facility

890 Taylors Rd, Dandenong South, VIC

Enquiries: +61 (0) 3 8903 3309

Operating hours and material acceptance: 
Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 3:00pm.
Material can be accepted to the site via appointment.
This facility is not open to the public
Keep up to date with our holiday operating hours here.

Payment methods:
Payment is accepted via card or account.
The minimum EFTPOS and credit card transaction is $15.00. Cheques are not accepted. Customers with minimum transactions of $500 per month may be eligible to open an account. Please call 1300 651 116 for further information.


For information regarding opening hours, fees, acceptance criteria or other site-specific information, please submit our online enquiry form or call Customer Service on 1300 651 116.

Contact the Earthsure team

Shaun Straka: Business Development 
Phone: 0448 300 499 
Email: [email protected] 


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