Waste Sorting & Education

Correct waste sorting by your employees can play a pivotal role in achieving your sustainability goals. Get in touch to discuss waste management courses & tools.

Simple. Effective. Engaging. The key to achieving your sustainability goals is through employee education – ensuring employees have access to simple, effective, personalised, and engaging educational tools; which are focused on minimising waste, efficient energy management and smarter water consumption.

Employee education plays a fundamental role in bringing about a much needed shift in peoples behaviour. In response, we have looked at how we, as a leading environmental solutions company can demonstrate leadership in the provision of environmental education for Australian businesses.


Education that changes behaviours

Veolia acknowledges the key challenges businesses face in engaging with their employees on correctly utilising a split-waste stream system.

A split-waste stream system allows for various materials to be source-separated (onsite), removing recyclable content from general waste (land-filled) content. This mostly involves separating materials which are made up of plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and aluminium; all of which are recyclable. Many business have found that the implementation of a split-waste stream system has assisted in delivering the reduce, reuse recycle message to stakeholders such as employees, cleaners, contractors, facilities managers, retailers and the general public, through a simple, effective and engaging format.

Veolia delivers a comprehensive range of colour-coded bin signage demonstrating relevant waste and recycling information, identified not only by text, but also supporting imagery. Veolia translates all signage into over 10 different languages, again with supporting imagery to ensure that there is a greater level of understanding amongst the audiences where this information is most relevant, and most accessed.


Water and Energy Education

Veolia also offers offline, online and on-person educational tools which can be applied to commercial, industrial and municipal organisations. This includes site visits, delivery of printed materials including brochures and signage, as well as online case studies which demonstrate the value of educating workforces on better energy management and smarter water consumption.

Air Conditioning Clinics

We continue to run our Trane Air Conditioning Clinics, which are a well-known series of training courses on the fundamentals of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. This series has a long history with Trane worldwide and we have been providing these clinics all around Australia for over 30 years.

The audience of these training courses is broad encompassing HVAC design engineers, installing contractors, service technicians, building system operators, architects, building owners and others.

The Trane Air Conditioning Clinics covers discussions in the areas of HVAC Fundamentals, Equipment and Systems to bring a combination of an overall awareness to the industry as well as the use of latest technology in HVAC to both the technical and non-technical audience.