Understanding the Energy Recovery Process

Discover the innovative power of energy recovery – harnessing discarded waste & turning it into a sustainable source of power for Australian communities.
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What is Energy Recovery?

Energy recovery is a broad term that refers to a range of solutions to harness energy that would have otherwise been lost through conventional waste management methods. By capturing this energy we can increase efficiency, which contributes to a circular economy.

How Does Energy Recovery Work?

Energy recovery from waste works similarly to conventional coal or gas combustion, where steam is made from the heat and then used to run a turbine to produce electricity. Instead of using fossil fuels, energy-from-waste technology has been adapted and updated to use non-recyclable waste materials. Three tonnes of waste replaces one tonne of coal, and is 50% biomass, delivering a low-carbon energy solution, whilst reducing the need for landfill. Veolia has the expertise to safely deliver the technology. 


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