Solid Waste Treatment Plants

Turning waste into a resource

Veolia operates a number of world class facilities across Australia for the consolidation, recycling, and treatment of solid waste. Our DECCW licensed facilities provide clients with recovery and or disposal solutions that are practical, cost effective and protect the environment. 

Resource recovery

Throughout Australia, Veolia has developed several ways in which to deliver resource recovery via specialised facilities. These facilities include:
Composting: Natural Recovery Systems – involves the utilisation of food, organic and green waste which is then processed in invessel compost systems.
Materials Recovery Facilities – Veolia are leaders in glass recycling, plastic bag recycling and paper recycling. Veolia’s Materials Recovery Facilities are used to sort recyclables including glass, plastics, metals and paper, which are then sorted and the non contaminated recyclable material is further processed and converted back into new products.
Construction Waste Recovery Facilities – Veolia’s facilities sort materials from construction sites using both automated and manual sorting processes to recover materials such as brick, tiles and concrete. The materials are later sent to be used for road base and construction materials.
Electronic Waste Recovery Facilities – Veolia established in partnership with Sims, Australia’s first nationwide e-waste collection and recovery solution. E-waste collected for recycling undergoes a dismantling process in order to recover materials such as cabling, aluminum, copper, glass and plastics.
Bioreactor Landfills – Veolia operates two Bioreactors in Australia, which generate green energy through the capturing of biogas from municipal waste.
Alternative Waste Processing Facilities – Alternative Waste processing Facilities are designed to provide our customers with innovative technologies which will further recover recyclables. In response Veolia continues to develop the Woodlawn Alternative Sorting and Processing facility. 

Find out more about our solid waste treatment facilities in the case studies below.