Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems for efficient asset management. Streamline maintenance & repair operations with market leading CMMS software.

Our computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), otherwise known as VAMS, utilises a web interface and is an important tool for the day-to-day management of asset maintenance and repairs, as well as spares inventory.

Based on the leading asset management software platform Infor EAM 11.1, our CMMS has been specially developed by Veolia to suit the needs of managing energy, water and wastewater treatment infrastructure.

What does Veolia’s Computerised Maintenance Management System include?

The system includes modules for:

  • managing asset details and configuration
  • preventative maintenance planning and scheduling
  • purchasing
  • management of spares
  • workflow and analysis.

Is the Computerised Maintenance Management System integrated with Veolia’s other systems relevant for operations?

Yes, our CMMS has been developed by us to integrate with other business systems, including purchasing, SCADA (for meter-based maintenance and raising work notifications against assets) and finally our capital planning system.

In addition, the Infor EAM platform can be accessed not only from the web interface but also iOS and Android apps running on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Does Veolia have experience in using other Computerised Maintenance Management Systems?

Yes, Veolia has experience in integrating with Archibus and other CMMS, ensuring data flow between the client CMMS and the Veolia CMMS . Integrations ensure automation of information flow between systems, enabling live-time data flow from our technician in the field, direct to the client systems for viewing.  Embarking on these technological projects can also enable Veolia to reduce our cost of transaction on each job.
Veolia has had experience in managing other CMMS systems such as Maximo, SAP, Archibus and Pronto.

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