Refractory Management

As Australia’s largest refractory management service provider, our goal is to deliver customised, safe, complete refractory management solutions, incorporating material selection, pre-planning, stock management, procurement, demolition, installation, technical support and condition monitoring.


What is Refractory Management?

Refractory materials are essentially heat-resistant materials, such as refractory bricks, castables, ramming or gunning materials, which are designed to maintain their strength in high-temperatures. These materials are often used in highly technical industries as the building blocks for large production facilities, such as smelters and incinerators.

Refractory management refers to the management of these production facilities and the processes governing them. Whilst many of these refractory facilities are designed to withstand intense heat, many specialised industries require resistance to other extreme processes such as acids. Our team has vast experience, covering a range of furnaces and plant configurations including:

  • Brick kilns
  • Refineries
  • Incinerators
  • Acid plants
  • Boilers
  • Pressure leach tanks
  • Rotary kilns
  • Cement plants
  • Carbon bake furnaces
  • Non-ferrous plants
  • Glass plants
  • Aluminium plants
  • Copper smelters
  • Nickel smelters
  • Lead smelters

Refractory management services

Whether you need repairs to your current facilities or are looking to establish a new plant we have a qualified and industry experienced team of ceramic engineers, refractory supervisors, forepersons, bricklayers, gunning crews, and carpenters who have specialised knowledge of all facets of refractory design and construction.

Our belief is that refractory management is a partnership for the long-term and our team will be there to manage the process with you – from the pre-planning and site establishment, through to the industrial demolition and into the long-term with ongoing facilities management once built. Our expertise covers:

  • Providing expert material selection for all types of application
  • Industrial demolition
  • Resourcing with skilled refractory technicians and engineers to ensure you the highest quality outcomes
  • Implementation of the latest technology
  • Meeting critical project completion schedules
  • Exceeding safety and environment expectations
  • establishing waste management plans
  • Delivering projects within budget
  • Development of commissioning criteria - ensuring the life of your facilities through scheduled heat-up phases and dry-out periods too
  • Technical support
  • Project management
  • Condition monitoring to ensure you have a holistic overview of the production facilities and their efficiency
  • Stock management
  • Procurement

Speak to one of our Refractory Management Specialists and ask for further information on how we can help.