Waste Identification & Technical Assessment

Liquid and Hazardous waste management is a tightly regulated market requiring precision, experience and technical skills to meet industry and legislative requirements.  

Our specialist services range from comprehensive, reliable liquid and hazardous waste collection to analytical testing and the advanced treatment and recovery technologies.

Hazardous waste goes through an initial testing process to determine the best treatment method. We provide high quality environmental testing and monitoring using state-of-the-art equipment. Our laboratories provide an extensive range of analytical services for a wide range of substances.

Using the most up-to-date processing technologies, Veolia treats the chemical and physical properties of liquid and hazardous waste so it can either be reused, or safely released to landfill or as wastewater.

Our licensed liquid waste treatment facilities meet strict EPA guidelines and are operated by highly trained and experienced personnel. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in the treatment of most liquid waste types and can develop a solution to meet your particular waste disposal needs.

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