Dust & Fly Ash

The transport and disposal of waste containing dust and fly ash must be managed carefully to avoid environmental compliance issues and health and safety issues.

Dust waste typically comes from industrial activities such as sanding, cutting, milling, or food production, construction and demolition, and printing industries. Dust can contain chemicals, wood, heavy metals and toxic substances. 

Fly Ash waste typically comes from coal power generation when the coal is burnt. Fly ash is very fine particles containing toxic metals and soluble salts which are corrosive and abrasive and can pollute the environment and may harm humans if inhaled.Dust & Fly Ash waste must be wet sufficiently to prevent dust dispersal during collection and disposal, and contained in heavy duty, sealed dust proof bags or containers.

Depending on the composition of the dust, we may be able to recover or recycle materials for reuse which offers cost savings. For example, fly ash can be recycled into products like concrete or wallboard.

Does Veolia accept dusty & fly ash waste?

Veolia provides services for the safe collection, transport and disposal of dusty wastes. Our vacuum loading techniques are designed for efficient and safe removal of dusts from confined spaces and pits.

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