Utilities Management

Veolia offers industrial utility solutions, including designing, building & operating energy utilities. Get in touch to talk to our team of experts.

Veolia offers industrial utility solutions, including:

  • Designing, building and operating energy utilities
  • Covering technical, social and financial aspects
  • Managing environmental requirements
  • Remote management and monitoring through Veolia’s Energy Savings Centre
  • Improving asset reliability and availability through asset management and multi-technical operations and maintenance
  • Energy audit, design and implementation of improvement plans, including work on process equipment, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring tools and systems to encourage
  • Creating cost-effective, environmental solutions including biomass, biogas, energy recovery and CHP
  • Multi-technical maintenance - management and maintenance of systems, servicing, repairs, and light work completion.

Innovative Solutions. Minimal Footprint. In these times of rising fuel costs and an increasing awareness of the carbon footprint, energy has become an increasingly important factor in an Industrial organisation’s competitiveness. Being a decentralised energy specialist, we are uniquely positioned to provide energy solutions that offer high-added value and that are flexible to meet your requirements in terms of reliability, quality, availability and cost.

Reducing the cost of production

Major manufacturing companies – particularly in the mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical industries – are looking for a partner that they can rely on for their solid assessments and expertise in designing, building and operating energy utility plants. At Veolia we understand this, offering a range of solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally sound, backed by the best technology available, including the use of biomass, biogas, recovered energy and combined heat and power (CHP). We will partner with you to run energy audits to assess your current energy technologies and assets and their efficiency, before delivering recommendations which not only reduce your energy footprint, but your ongoing energy costs.

Extending the life of your assets

We provide sectors such as mining, manufacturing and oil and gas with integrated solutions from power generation right through to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. We also offer a range of multi-technical services, such as preventative and corrective maintenance contracts, installation design, development and upgrading of energy assets.

Guaranteeing improved asset reliability and energy performance

At Veolia we offer our customers three key guarantees. The first is to secure your energy mix and supply with respect to quantity, quality, price and availability through services that improve asset reliability and energy efficiency. The second is to reduce the energy and carbon footprints of your industrial operations. And thirdly, we guarantee the availability of your facilities through detailed service commitments.

Remote management guaranteeing energy performance

Through the Energy Savings Centre, our remote management capability provides customers with a means of managing their sites industrial utilities and other energy related assets remotely, and in real time, in order to ensure increased service continuity and/or optimise their energy consumption. It also provides a means of tracking operations data and enables better reporting.