Embedded Networks

Embedded networks have become a viable solution for indsutrial sites as an efficient way to cut expenditure on electricity, gas & water.

The embedded network solution involves the connection of a private network e.g. precincts to an exempt network, where a single metering location is provided on the incoming supply.  

This single metering location is often referred to as the parent or gate metering point.  The electrical infrastructure which is really a mini distribution network remains completely unchanged, with wiring, distribution panels and switchboards unaltered.

Why are embedded networks becoming more popular?

Embedded networks have rapidly become an interesting solution for small industrial sites to new developments, as well as precincts, to reduce expenditure on electricity, gas and water, and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Generally speaking, the operator of an embedded network provides network access and sells energy to customers within the area at a cost reduction, compared to the electricity retail and “on-market” prices since there’s additional control.

What is Veolia’s approach in implementing embedded network solutions?

Veolia takes a pragmatic, collaborative approach that includes a combined waste, water and energy on-selling process, using embedded networks as a single contractual platform. Water network and associated waste management services may be included after financial analysis on the infrastructure needed to further develop these combined solutions, as part of a single on-sell embedded network contract within the development. .

Additional renewable energy and end-user energy efficient projects, such as HVAC, controls, lighting and others, can be delivered under an initial embedded networks contract to improve energy utilisation and further cost savings across the development.

Generally speaking, Veolia will take on the responsibility for the implementation and management of embedded networks contracts, including additional aggregation of project-based certificates.

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