Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance (PM) program is time-driven and interval-based, and is developed to optimise equipment lifecycles. Through PM, we schedule periodic inspections and maintenance at pre-defined intervals, and the result is a reduced rate of equipment failures on susceptible equipment.

Depending on the intervals, our PM program may result in a significant increase in inspections and routine maintenance. However, it reduces the frequency and seriousness of unplanned failures, and the net result is greater productivity and less time spent on unplanned requirements.

Why is preventative maintenance necessary?

We have to preserve the useful life of the equipment and avoid all premature equipment failures. In addition to the routine aspects of cleaning, adjusting, lubricating and testing, we perform inspections to identify impending problems and schedule repairs prior to equipment failure and/or further degradation.

Veolia uses preventive maintenance as a means of enhancing labour effectiveness and sharply reducing emergency repairs, both of which contribute to lowering overall maintenance costs.  

How is Veolia’s preventative maintenance plan formed?

When developing our PM plan for a site, our maintenance personnel have the opportunity to use the associated lead time to deliberately plan repair work and carry it out with the most effective use of resources possible.

Does Veolia review preventative maintenance plans?

Veolia undertakes a quarterly review of the maintenance services, financial data and the maintenance plan.

Metrics such as number of PM routines planned against those completed are key indicators of maintenance performance and are embedded in the systems. Monthly meetings with the client to review the performance of the maintenance plan and adjustments are to be reviewed and agreed, if necessary.

Formal compliance will be reviewed through reporting and the periodic meetings schedule.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s preventative maintenance services?

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