Frequently Asked Questions

We have included a series of questions most commonly asked by candidates joining the Veolia team.


Applying for a Job

Does Veolia conduct pre-employment screening checks?

Veolia conducts pre-employment screening checks in an effort to make an informed decision about the people we hire; further protecting our reputation and integrity as a responsible employer.
Each pre-employment screening check is determined by the specific role and location of the potential employee. Such checks may include: identity, eligibility to work, qualifications, references and employment medicals.

Does Veolia accept resumes via email or postal mail?

No. We do not accept resumes or CVs submitted via email, postal mail, in person or through any medium other than our online application tool.
To view and apply for open positions, search for a job and get started.
Please call the relevant HR recruiter hiring the role if you have any questions about uploading your resume/CV.

Will I need to undergo a medical check, including drug and alcohol testing?

Depending on what type of role you are applying for, you may be required to attend a pre-employment medical assessment at one of our preferred medical centres.

Applying Online

I have submitted my application, when should I expect a reply?

Due to the number of resumes received, there may be some delay in the recruiters processing your application. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified via email. Only those candidates successful during the pre-screening process will receive a phone call.
We understand that as a potential applicant, you are anxiously waiting to be advised if you have made the shortlist. Where ever possible, we will endeavour to advise you as soon as possible.

I started an application however was unable to finish, so I closed out of the application. What should I do?

  1. Click the Sign In link in the top right corner of the job search page.
  2. After reviewing/accepting the privacy agreement, enter your username and password and click Login.
  3. Click on the My Job Page tab.  The My Submissions tab will display your jobs submissions, including Draft Submissions.
  4. Select Finish Draft Submission for the job in question to complete the application process.

    If the position does not show, please search for the job and start the process again. To avoid this, always ensure that you click Save as Draft before closing out of the application.

The system keeps saying my e-mail address already exists. What should I do?

  1. This means that a profile has previously been created on our site using this email address.
  2. In order to retrieve your username, click on the Sign In link in the top right corner of the Job Search page.
  3. After reviewing/accepting the privacy agreement, click Forgot your username?
  4. Enter the email address in the appropriate field and click Validate. The system will return the username associated with the account on which the email address is found. If the account shown does not belong to you - i.e. if someone else has created a profile using your email address - please contact the relevant HR recruiter for the vacancy so we can rectify the situation.

I'm having trouble uploading my resume. What should I do?

Please ensure that the documents you are uploading meet the specified criteria. You are only permitted to upload a maximum of 2 documents.

How do I submit an expression of interest for future roles at Veolia?

Veolia prefers to receive applications for vacancies which have been published on our recruitment website. However, if you do not find a vacancy that meets your needs you can:

  1. Save your profile;
  2. Set your preferences; and,
  3. Subscribe to receive notifications about vacancies which meet your preferences, (an email is sent each time a vacancy meets the criteria you have defined).

As such, we recommend the following:

  1. Set your chosen criteria in the job search fields;
  2. Review the results; and,
  3. If there are no vacancies which correspond to your search criteria, simply click on the My jobpage tab

    If this is the first time you have logged on, create a user account by specifying a username, a password and your email address. If you have already submitted an application or completed your profile, please log in using your username and password, (Note: usernames need to have no spaces).

How do I update my resume?

  1. In the My Jobpage tab, click the Access my profile link.
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Make the changes required on the appropriate pages.
  4. On the Attachments page, upload your updated resume or, if applicable, delete the resume from your initial application.
  5. Complete the update by clicking the Submit button.

How do I subscribe to jobs?

On the candidate preferences in your profile, you can pick a box to subscribe to jobs based on type(s) of contract, job(s), and location(s).
How do I modify my job choices?

  1. Connect to your account using your user name and password.
  2. Under the My Jobpage tab, click the Access My Profile link.
  3. Go to the Candidate Preferences page.
  4. Make the required changes by adding or removing options.

    For changes to the type of preferred contract, go to the Additional Information page. Make the required changes by adding or removing types of contracts from the Employee Status searched list box. If you are interested in several types of contracts, click the ones you are interested in while pressing the ctrl key.

  5. Confirm the changes by clicking the Submit button when you have finished.

How do I unsubscribe from jobs?

  • From the website, click My Account Options link and then click the Edit link in the Correspondence section. Un-tick the box(es) of the options that you are no longer interested in.
  • From an email you received, click the Unsubscribe Now link and follow the instructions on screen.

What should I do if I cannot access my account?

  1. If you have forgotten your password, go to the login page and click Forgot Your Password?
  2. If you have forgotten youruser name, go to the login page and click Forgot Your Username? (NB: Usernames cannot have spaces.)

How do I withdraw my application?

If for any reason you wish to withdraw your application, go to My Jobpage and click the Withdraw link below the appropriate job description. Note: you can only cancel your application if the job is still published on Veolia’s website. If you still wish to cancel after the job has close please notify the recruiter if they contact you.

How do I delete my profile?

If for any reason you wish to completely delete your profile from our database, log in and click the Deactivate link at the top of the page under the My Account Options section.

Can I modify the information I added to my application?

You may modify your personal and professional data at any time. To do so, log in using your username and password, go to My Account Options and click the Edit link next to the information you wish to change.

Can I fill in my application/profile in several steps?

Our website allows you to fill in your application in several steps. While you are entering details, click the Save Draft button.
To return to your profile:

  1. If you are replying to a vacancy: click the My Jobpage tab. Then click the Finish Draft Submission link below the relevant job vacancy.
  2. If you are filling in your profile or making a spontaneous application: in the My Jobpage tab, click the View my profile link.

Can I track my application?

Yes, you can track the progress of your application(s) within your profile. To do so log on, then under the My Account section, the status of each application is shown next to each completed application. For further details, click the status link.

If I am looking for a specific type of job, can the website remember my search?

You can save up to five types of searches each with their specific criteria.

  1. To do so, please go to the Job Search page select your criteria and then click the Save This Search link in the top right-hand corner of the search screen. Please name your search and click Save.
  2. You can find your personalised searches under the My Saved Searches tab of the My Jobpage section.

Can I select jobs without immediately applying?

When you find a job you are interested in under the Jobs list, you can flag it without applying immediately. To do so, click the Add to My Job Cart link below the job vacancy.
To retrieve your selected jobs, click the My Job Cart link in the top right-hand corner on any page or go to the My Job Cart tab under the My Jobpage tab.

How long is my profile kept active in the system?

Your profile will remain active for two years from your last login.

Can I send a job vacancy to others who may be interested?

Yes. Please go to the job search page. Click the name of the job you wish to send. You will then be able to view the complete job vacancy details. On the next page, click the Send this job to a friend link on the right-hand side and follow the instructions. This action is only available to external applicants.