Shopping Centres

Shopping centres provide a convenient, comfortable and accessible ‘one-stop’ shopping experience for communities. 

They offer a wide range of retail, food, leisure and entertainment choices in air-conditioned comfort, making them a popular community meeting place.

Shopping centres face a number of challenges including:

  • The need to offer a diversified experience to combat the threat of online shopping
  • Guaranteeing reliability, comfort and safety of retailers and visitors
  • Being attractive to customers and tenants
  • Reducing energy bills and minimising environmental impact
  • Reducing operations costs


What are some environmental solutions we offer to shopping centres?

Veolia works with a number of retail clients across Australia and New Zealand, delivering a range of reliable and efficient services for all their energy, water and waste challenges.

We guarantee savings by carrying out a full energy, water and waste analysis of the site and afterwards, executing a roadmap of improvement projects.

An Australian client had a challenge in reducing its waste-related environmental impacts across its shopping centre portfolio. We were able to deliver a solution to reduce their environmental footprint across Australia, improve their recycling rates, lower their waste-to-landfill rate and implement an educational program for key shopping centre stakeholders.

Our solutions for shopping centres include:


What are the benefits of a partnership with Veolia?

Veolia aims to become a valued partner, rather than just acting as a service provider. We work together to ensure your company’s targets for profitability, efficiency and innovation are achieved.

We ensure that your facilities become more reliable, while minimising your environmental impact, saving energy and reducing costs.

We offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Guaranteed ROI through a contractual commitment, including cost savings, energy savings, reliability and environmental performance
  • Management of risks through rigorous plans, advice and detailing how our procedures meet the requirements
  • Guaranteeing energy availability, thus providing comfort and attracting customers
  • Establishing circular strategies  to resources through innovative recycling solutions and renewable energies
  • Solutions to help achieve or maintain environmental certifications
  • Long-term commitment on cost-control through transparent asset management programs
  • Insights on energy, water and waste consumption to implement improvement measures
  • Reduction in waste to landfill through onsite segregation and increased recycling rates