Primary Production

Highly diverse, the primary production sector consists of operators involved in agricultural services as well as production across the supply chain.  With weather conditions having a strong influence on the farm yields and prices across the supply chain, the annual revenue can vary quite significantly year on year.

What are some challenges that Veolia is familiar with in primary production?

The main challenges that we have come across are:

  • Stringent requirements on quality, safety, hygiene and traceability.
  • Cost control and economic performance.
  • Reducing any environmental impact by managing water cycles, energy use and by-products, as well as end-of-life products.
  • Building a solid reputation.
  • Pursuing a proactive approach to social responsibility.

What’s Veolia’s view on changing how the primary production industry tackles the listed challenges?

We believe an integrated management of the product lifecycle is key in ensuring primary production players’ environmental success.  This may include:

  • Adopting direct irrigation and groundwater recharge solutions
  • Producing animal feed and fertiliser from food processing facilities
  • Recovering the energy and water being used at the food processing facilities
  • Recovering the resources i.e. water, waste and energy from food processing facilities as well as the retailers and restaurants.

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