Hospitals have to optimise the management of their buildings whilst providing the best care and treatment to patients and ensuring the health and medical professionals, patients and visitors. 

At the same time, hospitals have to manage a number of risks while avoiding over expenditure. The challenges that hospitals face include:

  • Guaranteeing reliability, comfort and safety
  • Ensuring technical expertise and regulatory compliance
  • Improving transparency and reducing non-medical costs
  • Reducing energy bills and minimising environmental impact
  • Enhancing hospital rankings and community recognition


What are some environmental solutions we offer to hospitals?

Veolia works with a number of hospitals clients across Australia and New Zealand, delivering a range of reliable and efficient services for all their energy, water and waste challenges. 

We offer high value-added services to hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and other public and private healthcare establishments to free them from a host of non-medical tasks, ranging from temperature control to ensure patient and staff comfort to building maintenance. In particular, we offer energy management, health-risk management and comprehensive building management services.

We guarantee savings by carrying out a full energy, water and waste analysis of the site and afterwards, executing a roadmap of improvement projects.

  • Energy management
    We draw on our extensive energy management expertise and our broad array of technical services to create a comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff; provide an uninterrupted power supply for technical installations; ensure that chilling, steam, medical vacuum and other utility systems meet quality and volume requirements for medical and logistic uses; and optimise energy consumption.
  • Health-risk management
    For healthcare establishments, safety is mission critical, day in, day out. Our first job is to mitigate health risks such as hospital-acquired infections, and to raise awareness of safety issues by informing and training teams. Safety is also at the core of our commitment to continuous improvement, from regulatory and environmental audits to the ongoing operational management of technical risks.
  • Comprehensive building management
    Technology never stands still and we are understand there are constant changes in a healthcare facility’s infrastructure, needs and environment and for us it is crucial we offer flexible services based on an in-depth understanding of your organisation. These include optimising building operating costs to meet your budget requirements and ensuring that facilities are consistently upgraded and comply with standards.


An Australian client had a challenge in measuring performance and savings in their 2 hospitals and 6 medical centres; we were able to deliver a solution to achieve 19% in energy savings, transparency on their energy consumption and traceability of improvement measures.

Our solutions for hospitals include:


What are the benefits of a partnership with Veolia?

Veolia brings innovation and global experience to more than 3,700 healthcare institutions worldwide. We ensure that your facilities become more reliable, while minimising your environmental impact, saving energy and reducing other non-medical costs.

We offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Guaranteed ROI through a contractual commitment, including cost savings, energy savings, reliability and environmental performance
  • Energy, water, waste synergies
  • Dedicated technical teams trained to work in healthcare environments
  • Performance, transparency and traceability in real time - from a milestone mobilisation plan to transparent operation through KPI reporting
  • Management of risks through rigorous plans, advice and detailing how our procedures meet the requirements
  • Insight on energy consumption profiles to implement improvement operating measures
  • Reduction in waste to landfill through onsite segregation and increased recycling rates

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