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Veolia district heating & cooling delivers low carbon, affordable energy for multiple buildings & users via one centralised energy source. Explore the benefits!

Today, our region is faced with challenges such as soaring energy prices, increased urbanisation and growing environmental needs, which are prompting us to reduce our overall CO2 emissions.

In order to tackle these challenges, Veolia is working with our commercial, industrial and municipal clients to:

  • Guarantee a reliable, comfortable supply of utility at the lowest cost;
  • Improve system reliability, building and occupant safety;
  • Increase energy efficiency as part of an energy efficiency policy;
  • Upgrade sites and adapt them to actual demand;
  • Integrate systems into the urban landscape;
  • Reduce atmospheric emissions.

Why has Veolia targeted heating and cooling networks to combat today’s environmental challenges?

Heating and cooling e.g. cold and hot water are necessary for comfort, no matter where you are located.  While people expect cold and hot water to come out of the tap, what they are not necessarily aware of is the fact that this requires a substantial amount of energy in today’s landscape.

Unfortunately, many buildings, cities and sites today are still fit with classic boiler plants, which rely solely on the grid and do not optimise on the advantages that centralised heating and cooling networks can bring.  

What are the benefits of having centralised heating and cooling networks?

The main benefits of implementing centralised heating and cooling networks are:

  • Simplicity, achieved by an underground network of lagged pipes that can be centrally installed for the production of chilled or hot water and comes equipped with numerous delivery points, feeding into various buildings, schools, etc.
  • Comfort, achieved by providing constant cooling/heat, with flexible sources of fuel, underpinned by clean, silent and easy-to-use cooling/heating facilities
  • Financial savings, achieved by energy being consistently supplied at the best price with lower cost installations
  • Security, achieved by assured cooling/heating for sensitive buildings, underpinned by highest standards for safety
  • Flexibility, achieved by diversified sources of energy to ensure the most stable and competitive fuel prices in response to changing procurement prices
  • Environmental protection, achieved by implementing numerous innovative solutions onsite to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s heating and cooling network solutions?

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