Campuses include the grounds and facilities of universities, colleges and other educational institutions. 

These clients have to provide the best education and facilities to students and visitors whilst optimising the management of their buildings. Their aim to achieve quality and academic excellence amongst increased competition means universities and institutions they are looking for different ways to differentiate themselves.

What are some environmental solutions we offer to campuses?

Veolia works with a number of universities and campuses across Australia and New Zealand, delivering a range of reliable and efficient services for all their energy, water and waste challenges.

We guarantee savings by carrying out a full energy, water and waste analysis of the site and afterwards, executing a roadmap of improvement projects. We benchmark the campus infrastructure to identify savings, followed by a deep-dive study and recommendations report, and then implement the findings.

Our solutions for campuses include:

A leading Australian campus had a challenge with aging, under-maintained building energy assets and needed a cost effective solution to regain comfortable conditions across the entire campus and reduce energy consumption and operational expenditure. Veolia was able to deliver a solution that mitigated their operating risks, controlled costs, and reduced its carbon footprint. Through proven asset management practices, we were able to reduce the University’s energy consumption and extended the useful life of their energy production assets.

We have also worked with clients to provide immediate capital through a long-term lease of utility infrastructure. This means the university continues to own and control its assets, while Veolia provides upfront funding and management and efficiency services to the utility.

What are the benefits of a partnership with Veolia?

Veolia brings innovation and global experience to ensure that your facilities become more reliable, while minimising your environmental impact, saving energy and reducing costs. We deliver sustainable, best practice solutions that accelerate innovation and efficiency for campuses.

We offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • Guaranteed ROI through a contractual commitment, including cost savings, energy savings, reliability and environmental performance
  • Performance, transparency and traceability in real time - from a milestone mobilisation plan to transparent operation through KPI reporting
  • Management of risks through rigorous plans, advice and detailing how our procedures meet the requirements
  • Insight on energy consumption profiles to implement improvement operating measures
  • Reduction in waste to landfill through onsite segregation and increased recycling rates
  • Providing reliable, resilient, and efficient solutions
  • An experienced team operating under stringent Safety, Health, Environment and Quality policies and procedures.

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