Wastewater Heat Recovery | Energido

Energido is a wastewater heat recovery system patented by Veolia, to transfer heat produced by sewage systems into energy for heating & cooling systems.

As a consequence of the environmental protection trends, municipalities and regions are being encouraged to develop new renewable energies and after years of research, Veolia has developed the Energido solution, committed to managing the heat recovery of wastewater systems.

What is Energido, and how is this linked to wastewater?

Energido is an innovation patented by Veolia, and it is a remote heat exchanger to transport the heat produced by the sewage system to a reversible heat pump that transfers energy from the water.  This then feeds into either the heating or cooling system. See below for a simple explanation of the technology’s basic principles:

Unlike the same type of processes, the heat exchanger is not in the collector because this location usually results in restrictions in terms of installation and maintenance, allowing greater control of the thermal performance of the circuit.

Can it be applied to existing wastewater infrastructure?

Yes, to recover the heat contained in the wastewater, there are three options for heat exchanger installations:

  1. At the base of any building, which will enable us to reuse the calories of its wastewater for its own use
  2. On the public sewage system, by either integrating the heat exchanger to the existing sewerage system structure or by establishing a diversion of the flow of raw sewerage to a remote heat exchanger
  3. At the end of the wastewater plant process for the internal needs of the station or a potential user nearby.

What are the main benefits associated with Energido, Veolia’s wastewater heat recovery solution?

Energido is a solution that meets the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas that territories are facing and can also contribute to the circular economy, challenges and lever by using very local green energy.

The advantages of this solution include:

  • Using a remote exchanger, which is not directly connected to the existing sewerage system
  • Preventing any hydraulic disturbance during the operation of the sewerage network, unlike the existing solutions using a remote exchanger on a pipe
  • Enabling easy access to the heat exchanger, particularly for checks and maintenance, ensuring performance is therefore constant and service continuity is assured
  • Not requiring a program to renovate the sewage network as part of implementation
  • Not being directly linked to the geometry of the existing pipeline
  • Ensuring the compliance and reliability of all installations connected to the solution, with the only solicited providers being strategic suppliers for Veolia.

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