Other Maintenance Technologies

By taking the knowledge we have gained over many years in the industry and combining that with some of the most powerful communications technology available today, Veolia has transformed the way we do business.

Veolia’s technicians are equipped with a compact handheld device, which is linked back to our operational bases and management systems.

What is the impact of adopting new technologies and having mobile maintenance solutions?

Adopting new technologies such as mobile solutions means we can:

  • Respond to callouts faster and real-time efficiency
  • Ensure the best-fit technician is deployed for each job
  • Allow for greater accountability of our technicians
  • Provide full transparency to our customers and allow for tracking and tracing of all orders
  • Improve efficiency allowing our technicians to quote, book in and approve jobs whilst still onsite
  • Fully integrate all services with our safety approach, reinforcing our technicians to perform structured health and safety risk assessments before being allowed to commence their works.

How does the mobile maintenance solution work?

The hand-held device has the ability to capture and record information on site and provide feedback through our internal system. Throughout mobilisation stage, asset data is collected and integrated with our Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), including critical information such as asset make, model number, serial number.

Information is dynamically transferred to the hand-held device at time of fault being logged. Information about the call is easily displayed, and the technician can quickly assess the call, gather additional information from the customer and provide instantaneous feedback on response time. All information regarding the call is logged within our system, including caller reference numbers, date of call, time of call and all fault descriptions.

Once the call has been accepted from the technician, additional information is displayed on the device. Asset information can be seen, providing a brief description of the assets on the site and quantities. On the screen, the technician can gain further information by selecting the asset.

Each asset is itemised within the CMMS database, detailing equipment codes (internal unique identifier), make or model, location on site, quantities of equipment on site and serial numbers of equipment (if available). The information can be verified upon attendance and updated if required. Pass or fail notes can be added to the asset for preventative maintenance calls, resulting in a detailed service report outlining those out of service and requiring immediate attention.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s asset maintenance technologies?

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