Facilities Management

With our facilities management contracts, Veolia commits on the quality, availability and overall energy performance of the site.

Veolia ensures energy demand reduction and control, as well as optimised operation and maintenance of customer equipment, under a performance-based price plan.

What is Veolia’s approach to facilities management?

Veolia self-delivers the site-management functions and the vast majority of the technical functions. Veolia also utilises a wide range of subcontractors and site-dedicated personnel.

We ensure management of facilities’ technical services, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, steam & hot water, electrical systems, including conditioning, site power generation and essential services systems to ensure comfortable living and working conditions for facilities’ occupants.

Veolia also provides integrated services such as design, installation, energy supply plus facility operations and maintenance.

What’s Veolia’s contract model for facilities management?

Veolia is able to propose facilities management services based on two key service level commitments:

  • Performance Level Commitments:  Veolia will guarantee that the plant under its operational control will meet agreed levels of technical performance including availability, heat rate, efficiency, electrical output
  • Cost Level Commitments: Veolia is able to provide lump-sum annual fee contracts, providing visibility and protection of technical and operational costs.

Veolia typically operates under long-term performance contracts with an average duration across its portfolio of over 7 years. However, it has a large portion of its business operating under long term performance contracts of between 10 and 25 years.

Want to learn more about Veolia’s facilities management services?

In Australia
If you wish to speak to someone, please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 1800 531 988.

In New Zealand
If you wish to speak to someone, please submit an online enquiry to our customer service team or call us at 0800 325 542.