Veolia to help City of Darwin improve sustainability outcomes

Veolia Australia and New Zealand has been awarded the $50m contract for the operation and management of Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility (SBWMF) in Darwin, where they expect to improve sustainability outcomes for the City.

Valued at $50m over 7 years, this is the largest ever contract signed by the City of Darwin. This new partnership is a major win for the Council, resulting in greater efficiency in operating costs, and a range of improved sustainability outcomes for the City of Darwin through increased diversion of waste from landfill, and the production of organic composting products for local markets.

Veolia operates 6 similar facilities across the country, processing close to 3 million tonnes of waste annually with a focus on sustainably managing waste to promote a circular economy.

CEO & Managing Director of Veolia Australia & New Zealand, Mr Danny Conlon, said the company was delighted to be supporting the City of Darwin improve their environmental outcomes.

“Veolia has been operating in the Territory for over 40 years and currently employs over 80 staff. We have worldwide experience gained over decades managing waste management facilities with similar environmental and operational challenges. We look forward to working with Council on helping them achieve improved environmental outcomes”.

Scott Waters, City of Darwin’s CEO, said “the signing of this contract was a clear demonstration of City of Darwin’s commitment to improving the sustainability outcomes for the local community.”

“The awarding of this contract to Veolia, who are recognised as world leaders in environmental services, hails a new era in waste management in the greater Darwin region and highlights the importance that Council place on reducing emissions.”

“By increasing diversionary activities at the site, Council is looking to promote efficiencies and encourage recycling and reuse of materials within our local economy.” 

The contract for Veolia to manage SBWMF will commence on 31 March, 2020.