Grease Trap Waste

A grease trap is a plumbing device which intercepts or grease or solids from entering wastewater systems. 

Typically found in food & beverage business, grease or solids can be from washing dishes, floor drains and any other source where grease is removed from a surface and put into the sewer system.

If grease is discharged directly to a sewer, it can cause blockages and overflows and pollute the waterways and environment.

Does Veolia collect grease trap waste?

Veolia’s highly trained and experienced team can safely collect, treat and recycle your grease trap waste at one of our licensed liquid waste treatment facilities.

A liquid tanker will remove the grease trap contents from your site and can clean the trap to remove any build up. The driver will provide the appropriate EPA Waste Transport Certificate which is completed and lodged with the EPA once the driver returns to the designated Veolia depot.

The driver will transport the grease trap waste to a Liquid Recovery and Treatment Facility. Grease trap waste is processed to separate the grease, water and sludge. The sludge can be reused by organic processing facilities in their composting process, the residual material can also applied to agricultural pastures. Water separated from the grease trap is disposed of as a trade waste down the sewer.

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