Hydrocarbon Waste

Hydrocarbon waste includes liquids, soils and sludges contaminated by a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants, such as lubricating oils, bunker and diesel fuels, lighter fractions such as petrol, monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, jet fuel, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Does Veolia accept hydrocarbon waste?

Veolia’s offers hydrocarbon cleaning and decontamination services. Our highly trained and experienced team can safely collect, treat and recycle your hydrocarbon waste waste at one of our licensed waste treatment facilities.

We collect both solid and liquid waste contaminated with hydrocarbon waste for treatment. A waste manifest identifying the product and quantity will be created before the product leaves site with required EPA documentation.

Veolia utilise a chemical formulation that is specifically designed to treat liquid, soils and sludges contaminated by hydrocarbon contaminants. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, pathogenic free liquid. The formulation is highly concentrated to allow rapid and economical remediation. Treated oils, soil or sludge confirmed as contaminant free can be reused or safely disposed.

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