Soft Plastics

Depending on where you are located, the industry separates soft plastics into two separate categories, clear soft plastics and coloured soft plastics.

Items such as shrink wrap and bubble wrap are accepted in the clear soft plastics bin, while other materials such as plastic bag liners and small plastic trays are accepted in the coloured soft plastics bin.

What is Veolia’s offering?

Veolia offers collection, transfer and disposal services for this stream, and the details around which equipment would be best suited to your needs can be found here.


Veolia advises all clients to undergo a site waste assessment prior to their selection of equipment and schedules to receive best value for our services.

Why choose Veolia for your soft plastics waste management?

Veolia has a network of sorting and recycling centres that we use to ensure your soft plastics waste is properly managed.

For example, with shrink wrap, we make sure the film is shredded to make it more manageable, then reground and washed. Water is then used to break down paper labels, loosen dirt and remove other forms of contamination. The clean, ground film is then melted and extruded to filter out any remaining impurities. The resulting pellets can then be used in the manufacturing of new plastic products.

Want to learn more about how your soft plastics waste can enable the circular economy?

Learn more about how your soft plastics waste can be recycled by visiting our sorting and recycling page.