Metallic & Mercury Wastes

Mercury occurs in three primary forms: metallic mercury (elemental), inorganic mercury and organic mercury. 

Metallic mercury is considered to constitute the greatest health risk in the petroleum industry. Inorganic and organic mercury have only been sporadically identified in the oil and gas industry.

Mercury is toxic by inhalation, can accumulate in the body with repeated use/exposure and very toxic for aquatic organisms therefore needs to be disposed of safely. Metallic mercury is absorbed in the body through inhalation, skin contact and through ingestion.

Due to the potential for mercury to be present in both upstream and downstream processes in the Oil and Gas Industry, mercury contaminated waste presents in a variety of forms including; sludge, drilling muds/cuttings, glycol & amine systems, filters, catalysts etc.

Does Veolia accept metallic and mercury waste?

Veolia’s highly trained and experienced team can safely collect, treat and recycle your metallic and mercury waste at one of our licensed waste treatment facilities.

We work with you to develop customized profiling, provide containers and labelling and transport and dispose of your mercury-contaminated items safely. A waste manifest identifying the product and quantity will be created before the product leaves site with required EPA documentation.

The waste will be sampled by a trained technician who will document the process generating the waste, waste characteristics and quantity for disposal.

Once analysis has been completed, the results will be assessed by a trained chemist/hazardous waste professional who will determine the appropriate treatment, recovery or disposal options for the waste in accordance with environmental regulation and the clients requirements.

Through advanced distillation and retort technologies that use mechanical and thermal processes, we can extract the mercury found in mercury-containing items, and stabilise the mercury contamination into a non-toxic compound for safe and sustainable disposal.

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