Acid & Chemical Wastes

Chemical waste refers to all chemicals, or materials that are contaminated with chemicals that need to be disposed. This includes resins, latex, plasticisers, glues/adhesives and solvents.

Acids may include sulfuric, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and so on, which are corrosive materials and harmful to people and the environment so it is important to treat and dispose of acids safely.

Does Veolia collect acid and chemical waste?

Veolia’s highly trained and experienced team can safely collect, treat and correctly dispose your acid and chemical waste at one of our licensed waste treatment facilities.

Acid & chemical waste will be checked and loaded onto our specialised waste fleet. We provide tracking and documentation to ensure your business complies with all regulations.

The waste is transported to a liquid recovery and treatment facility. After an initial testing process to identify the correct immobilisation method the waste is separated to remove contaminants or neutralize the acid. The treated water or neutralised acid can then be discharged to the sewer and separated materials can be safely disposed.

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