Biogas From Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater sludge management is an economical and environmental challenge for our clients, and biogas recovery is a way of adding value to operations.  It consists of digesting the sludge in order to reduce its volume and to produce biogas, which can create renewable energy.

What is the methanisation, in the context of biogas?

Methanisation is the process that turns organic matter from co-products, by-products, waste, and wastewater into biogas, thanks to the absence of oxygen. This process is also known as anaerobic digestion, which produces a decentralised renewable energy.

What can Veolia do with the biogas extracted from wastewater treatment plants?

Depending on the local regulations and incentives, the energy can be used directly onsite in electricity and heat forms via a combined heat and power (CHP) process, or the biogas can be cleaned to produce biomethane, which can then be injected it into the gas network, where available.

In the case of co-digestion of external bio-waste, it can bring additional revenues to the facility, depending on the applied business model.  This is especially significant if the facility is able to charge disposal fees for external parties, who require bio-waste management.

How does using the biogas from wastewater treatment plants contribute to the circular economy?

There are a few elements, with the main ones being:

  • Biogas is a renewable energy that will globally lower CO2 footprint, as fossil fuel consumption will be reduced
  • Biogas production can reduce the pollution potential in wastewater by reducing the oxygen levels required by the organic matter.  Nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous are conserved in the digestate, which is the material remaining after the anaerobic digestion.  This can then be used to displace fertilisers in crop production and can also be turned into compost.

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