EarthPower's customers

EarthPower’s operation offers a sustainable, low-cost alternative waste management solution for customers, while supplying local communities with green energy and diverting Sydney’s waste away from landfills.

What does EarthPower deliver to customers?

In addition to providing a more sustainable alternative to landfilling organic food waste, EarthPower offers clients affordable gate fees, allowing for potential savings through improved source segregation and recovery of organic material.

The EarthPower facility has reduced emissions and residual by products to ensure the complete preference for resource recovery. EarthPower is a net producer of electricity.

EarthPower offers significant advantages to our customers through the acceptance of a vast range of putrescible wastes including wet and classified wastes from industry, which have historically presented limited disposal options.

EarthPower's close proximity to the city and central location within the Sydney metro region enables easy collection from customers and delivery to the facility, increasing service efficiency while minimising emissions from transportation.

EarthPower offers significantly lower gate fees than most food waste competitors*, delivering cost savings to customers.

*Provided the customers' food waste has no more than 5% contamination by weight.

Who does EarthPower service?

EarthPower services a wide range of industries, including:

  • Food manufacturers and processors 

  • Food transportation, distribution, and storage

  • Wholesale and retail food distribution and sales

  • Commercial and retail property management

  • Commercial kitchens

  • Local councils

  • Waste management services