Recovering Resources From Waste

Veolia owns and operates several resource recovery facilities, water recycling and treatment plants and waste-to-energy facilities. At the heart of our solution is the desire to replicate natural systems to solve a man-made problem.

We help turn waste around

For governments, local councils and businesses alike, managing waste is more important than ever. From plastics, paper, metals and cardboard – often regarded as rubbish – to wasted resources such as water and energy, the focus is now on turning them into something useful. This is what we do.

We understand the challenges

The challenges to local councils, governments and environmental bodies are not only about how they can minimise waste – they’re also about ensuring stakeholders see the inherent value in waste material.

The challenges include: cross-jurisdictional regulations, cost vs. environmental benefit, engagement and education of residents and constituents, limited infrastructure, and commodity price instability.

We plug in our solutions

By plugging in our resource recovery services, we help councils, businesses and heavy industry recover waste materials – while helping deliver environmental and economic benefits. 




Our waste to energy facilities include Woodlawn and TiTree Bioenergy. They take putrescible waste from New South Wales and Queensland and use methane generated from the decomposing waste to generate electricity. Our network of bioenergy facilities returns energy back to the homes where the waste originated.

Water recycling and reclamation

We’re world leaders in designing, constructing and operating wastewater recycling plants, treating wastewater and producing purified recycled water.

Our water recycling projects in Australia have delivered alternative and additional water supplies for irrigating agricultural land, watering parklands and industrial use.

Ballarat North Water Reclamation and Reuse Plant in Victoria can treat 8.4 megalitres of wastewater per day. It also improves the quality of treated water discharged to the environment. Its thermal sludge dryer produces biosolids that can be used as fertiliser.

Materials recovery facilities

Our facilities specialise in sorting and collection of recyclable materials, which are then converted back into useable products. We ensure materials such as plastic, glass, cardboard and aluminium, are reused within the consumable market, thereby reducing landfill.

Organics and biosolids recovery

More than half of all waste discarded from Australian households is food and other organic materials. Our composting facilities in Victoria turn food and green waste from commercial and council collections into nutrient-rich compost for the horticultural industry.

We collaborate with in-vessel composting developer, CR Hudson and Associates, to operate Natural Recovery Systems (NRS) in Dandenong, and Bulla Organics Recovery Facility.