Vendor payment verification with eftsure


Veolia Australia has recently engaged eftsure, who provide payment verification services for all of our vendor payments. 

Why have you received an email from EFTSure?

eftsure have recently reached out to a number of our vendors requesting information to verify their banking information. This will help us minimise the risk of errors or fraud when making payments, and ensure that electronic funds transfer always go to the intended payee. 

What do I need to do as a Veolia vendor?

We have asked the eftsure team to verify the bank details of our suppliers where they are not already included on the eftsure database of verified vendors. Our vendors may receive a standard email from eftsure explaining the process, requesting online verification of their bank details.  This process will apply to both regular vendors, as well as one time vendors requiring payment from us. The verification process generally takes a few days.

If you have any concerns about being contacted by eftsure, feel free to email the Veolia Accounts team on [email protected] so we can address your concerns, or validate the legitimacy of the request.