Integrated Environmental Services Delivery

The advantage of working with Veolia as the end-to-end solutions provider is the plugging in of a single compliance culture, a harmonised set of processes and procedures and a single business management system to ensure business continuity measures are established and risk and hazard identification practices are well entrenched.

What is Veolia’s approach in integrated environmental services delivery?

Due to the complexities that arise with integrated contracts, we always tailor our contract management and service delivery models for the duration of the works, and take into consideration factors such as the scope, geo-location and industry.

When it comes to compliance, however, we always take a single approach to providing advice on changes to regulatory frameworks across water, waste and energy.  Above all, we ensure our integrated clients benefit from a shared resource of personnel and  allow access to our team of more than 65 full-time employees operating across occupational safety, health, environment and quality.

What is the key takeaway Veolia has learned from delivering integrated environmental services to the industry?

From delivering integrated environmental services to clients such as Tomago Aluminium, we have learned flexibility is absolutely key in ensuring all needs are met.

To maintain service levels, and reduce operational risk, Veolia must demonstrate a fluidity to our business model which can ramp-up, within a limited time frame to cater for the fluctuating needs across client businesses. We also need to ensure we can provide a flexible workforce, across both metro and remote areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Where has Veolia previously delivered integrated environmental services?

Tomago Aluminium, located in the Hunter region of NSW is a premier reference for Veolia.

As a smelter that produces an average of 540,000 tonnes of remelt ingot, T-ingot, extrusion billet and rolling slab per year, Tomago represents 25% of Australia’s primary aluminium capacity. Since 2005, Veolia has been the trusted partner for Tomago; creating an environmental management framework for the integrated supply of waste management, water solutions and energy optimisation, with a single contract governance structure.

Whilst the relationship has been one of organic growth, commencing with the delivery of single service line, the trust built between both organisations, and a shared commitment for environmental performance in partnership with cost and operational efficiency has led to a thriving outcome; now reaching twelve years of uninterrupted service.

This has helped to realise more than $7M in savings through an integrated model.