Commercial Water Management

Innovative technology. Quality results. Our commercial water management systems meet the most demanding environmental requirements. Our solutions focus on technical performance, and provide long-term cost effectiveness for your business.

We deliver the full spectrum of water solutions

We work with a wide range of commercial businesses and industries. Our solutions range from investigating and identifying the right technology, to design and construction, to operations, maintenance and long-term asset management.

We understand the challenges

Water is essential for any commercial organisation – from drinking water to heating and cooling, from treating effluent to protecting against fire. This resource alone can account for 15 per cent of your operational costs.

We plug in our solutions

As a world leader in water reuse and desalination, we can design, build, service and maintain small, decentralised water plug-ins, as well as large recycling or desalination plants. Our innovative water solutions are suited to sustainable cities, as well as rural or remote communities.

By integrating our solutions into your business, you can:

Improve service levels
Helping you increase your operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Maintain your assets
Helping you minimise the downtime needed to safeguard service levels.

Access specialised and bundled service capabilities

We can help you with the design, construction, maintenance and operation of your new plant. Or we can offer our range of technologies that we can bolt onto your existing plants, increasing productivity without any major capital work.

Our solutions at a glance

  • Advanced tertiary treatment for recycling of municipal wastewater for housing developments, high-rise buildings, tourist developments and golf courses
  • Sewer mining, blackwater treatment and local recycled water schemes
  • Treatment of wastewater, storm flow and phosphorus removal before discharge into sensitive environments
  • Optimisation of water chemical conditioning – Hydrex Specialty Water Chemicals
  • Production of high quality demineralised water for boilers and cooling towers through processes such as Actiflo Clarification and reverse osmosis