Veolia Partners With Outback Academy Australia

A new partnership supporting the development of local Indigenous businesses and employment initiatives was launched today between Veolia Australia and the Outback Academy Australia (Outback Academy).

The Outback Academy is a not-for-profit Aboriginal led organisation with a charter to accelerate economic freedom, employment and well-being with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The Academy’s programs include the Red Dust Heelers, Wheeling and Healing activities which advocate greater levels of inclusion in sports and recreation, education, business and employment for people with disability. 50% of Indigenous community members experience disability.

The official launch of the 2016 Veolia - Outback Academy partnership was held at the promotion of ‘Red Dust the Coffee’ at the Mantle in Fremantle. An exclusive coffee blend has been produced by Jasper Coffee to directly assist Wheeling and Healing programs across Australia.

Jasper Coffee was the first Fairtrade roaster in Australia from 2003 and first 100% Carbon Neutral coffee company in Australia since 2009. Jasper has been working with the Outback Academy to prepare a Fairtrade Organic blend of coffee, in a funding partnership project.

Outback Academy Executive Director, Clare O’Kelly, said she was excited to have Jasper, and now Veolia onboard for 2016.

“Veolia will provide a significant platform for our work more broadly in business and employment creation. They share with us an interest in sustainable development of communities, including those striving to build viable business and employment on their lands”

Already the two organisations have collaborated to establish an intensive mentoring activity at a former Mission, Roelands Village, in south-west WA. Community members are learning about how to more effectively manage water, waste and the environment as they progress their social businesses on site.

Veolia’s support of $25,000 will assist the Outback Academy to drive increased Red Dust Heelers engagement with communities, while also developing further joint business and employment opportunities, including mentoring roles for Veolia staff with community organisations. Veolia will offer its 4000 employees the opportunity to participate in projects led by the Outback Academy with community organisations across Australia.

Veolia’s Managing Director, Doug Dean AM, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership:

“Veolia has been looking for a strong partner in the Indigenous community who can guide and support us to further our Reconciliation journey. In partnership with the Outback Academy, we will be working towards building stronger relationships with Indigenous communities, and supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses and employment initiatives. Veolia’s partnership with Outback Academy will support us to create sustainable opportunities in the communities in which we live and operate.”

Veolia launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2014 and is striving to commence its second RAP next year. Visit the RAP page for more information.

For more information on the Outback Academy please contact:

Clare O’Kelly
Executive Director
Outback Academy Australia Ltd
M + 61 (0) 417 012 615
[email protected]