Veolia Acquires Andreco Hurll Refractory Services

​In July 2012, Australia's leading refractory installation company, Andreco Hurll was aquired by Veolia Environmental Services Australia.

Andreco Hurll has a proud history in the field of refractory installation. In 1967, the business was operating as two separate companies, Andreco and Norman J. Hurll both owned by Boral Group. In 1990, the two companies were divested and then merged to form Andreco Hurll, becoming Australasia’s leading refractory installation company.

Acquiring Andreco Hurll is a major achievement for Veolia and will allow our company to become a key player in the steel, petro-chemical, refinery, power generation and aluminium industries of Australia. Since commencing joint operations, more than 150 employees have moved across to Veolia bringing an enormous amount of wealth and knowledge to our business.

Veolia Refractories is now a recognised leader in the refractories industry of Australia, servicing all major industrial clients nationally, and covering industrial segments where there is a refractory or acid lining requirement.

We would like to welcome all Andreco Hurll employees to the Veolia family and wish them every success.