A revolution in pipeline rehabilitation

Spiral Wound Pipe is the latest innovation in pipeline and culvert rehabilitation.

Using DiaFit™ ‘close fit’ technology, a new profile is initially wound into the existing pipe at a smaller diameter, and expanded out to make a new pipe which is in close contact with the existing pipe.

Applications for Spiral Wound Pipe

›   Wastewater mains: Relining of wastewater mains from 150mm to 1000mm with no or minimal disruption to surrounding rehabilitation area.
›   Stormwater: Relining of stormwater mains from 150mm to 1000mm with limited disruption to the surrounding area. Ideal for road crossings and culvert rehabilitation.
›   Rehabilitation of circular access chambers: Rehabilitation of severely corroded circular access chambers without having to remove existing structure.
›   Road culverts: Relining of road culverts from 150mm to 1000mm with limited disruption to the surrounding area. Ideal for relining corrugated iron and concrete culverts.

Features and benefits  of Spiral Wound Pipe

›   Non invasive pipeline rehabilitation
›   No risk of damage to other underground services
›   Reduce excavation & installation time
›   Significantly minimise the cost of rehabilitating ageing infrastructure
›   Dramatically improve pipeline lifespan
›   Responsive snug fit for pipes 150mm up to 1000mm
›   Compliance with ASNZS 2566:1 Compliance to flexible buried pipelines
›   Finished outcome is the same as a brand new pipe
›   SWP provides Flexibility to withstand ground movement

Veolia is the exclusive distrbutor of Spiral Wound Pipe in New Zealand.

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