National Recycling Week 2023

This year's event runs from November 13 - 19

National Recycling Week is finally here! Started in 1996 by Planet Ark, National Recycling Week is an annual campaign aiming to educate and encourage behaviour changes towards recycling at a household and business level.  The theme for 2023 is:

What goes around comes around!

We've got a bunch of resources available below to help you get started on your recycling journey. And of course, if you need assistance, you can always talk to one of our recycling experts.


Your recycling resources

Take a deep dive on kerbside plastics recycling

Veolia Spreyton_Photograph Tasmania

Check out Aussie attitudes to repairing and recycling

An image of multiple coloured batteries

Dispose of your e-waste the right way

Busting common recycling myths

Read about the latest policy and regulatory updates relating to the environment

Discover how to recycle state by state

Learn more about responsible recycling with Recyclepak

Contact our experts