ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Westmead Hospital

Operating since 1978, Sydney’s Westmead Hospital needed an energy efficiency expert to bring its cooling system into the 21st Century. In 2011, it engaged Veolia to undertake a system-wide upgrade of its central cooling plant to improve overall performance.

Veolia’s purpose-built chiller plant control system has brought about substantial energy reductions at the hospital. It has also ensured a comfortable indoor environment, improved patient outcomes and staff satisfaction, and financial and operational improvements through the enhancement of air quality, humidity and moisture control and energy efficiency.

“The cooling system upgrade has resulted in savings of 2,462-megawatt hours a year, representing a 28 percent saving in electricity consumption from chillers alone, with further savings expected with optimisation of the cooling system,” says Glen Hadfield, Manager of Asset Systems and Sustainability, Western Sydney Local Health District.

“Veolia has been responsive in resolving issues around latent conditions in a fair and equitable manner, and has taken a long-term partnership approach to dealing with clients. We have no hesitation in recommending Veolia for any business that is seeking an upgrade of their building energy services.” - Glen Hadfield

Benefits to our client

  • Savings of 2,462 megawatt hours a year, representing a 28 percent saving in electricity consumption
  • Extending the useful life of hospital energy infrastructure
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Ensuring thermal energy availability and resource efficiency
  • The central energy plant upgrade was a critical element in the Westmead Hospital winning the 2014 Energy Efficiency Award as a part of the annual Green Globe Awards.


28% reduction in energy consumption

2,462 megawatt hours of savings a year

2014 Green Globe Energy Efficiency Award winner