Courtney Crick's Story


Cross pollination: Stepping in, stepping up

While major events are on pause during COVID-19, our Events Specialist for Queensland has grabbed the opportunity to upskill and broaden her experience to support different parts of our business. She says that at Veolia, she’s found exciting career opportunities and the support of a team that feels like family.  

From Intern to Events Specialist 

When Courtney Crick started with us as an Intern, she had no idea she’d become our Queensland Events Specialist in just two years. Her first experience of Veolia was as an Event Assistant Intern for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, after graduating from her dual degree in Business / International Business degree (majoring in Events and International Business).

“I was assisting the Event Manager with anything they needed - my role was so diverse, working across waste and industrial operations. We all know that a lot goes into a huge event, but we tend not to think about the waste side of things. My internship was a real eye-opener. I loved it - I wished it could have gone for longer!”

At the end of the Games, Courtney joined our Internal Sales team while continuing to assist our Event Manager and building her portfolio. And in October 2019, she stepped up as our Events Specialist for Queensland. 

“One of the things I’m most proud of is earning the title of Events Specialist. I was so happy that my hard work paid off. Looking back, it only took me two years - so I’m really proud of that.” 

In her new role, Courtney was working on a range of exciting events including music festivals and sporting events such as the Woodford Folk Festival, the Brisbane EKKA show day and the Brisbane ATP Cup.

“People don’t realise how diverse our work is. We support so many different customers, all bringing to life various performances, shows, festivals or races. It’s really cool.”

Courtney’s last event was the Australian Grand Prix in March 2020, which was cancelled on the morning of the race due to COVID-19. And while many events careers have been decimated, Courtney and Veolia have found a way forward.

Positivity, Progression and Really Good People

Courtney’s events role has of course been impacted by the pandemic. However, she’s stayed positive and embraced other opportunities within the business. 

“From March to July, I dipped into the defence space as the Regional Contract Manager Assistant for a sanitisation project. I was also helping out across various defence contracts. It was a really great learning opportunity. A month ago, I moved into a role as Construction and Demolition Sales Representative for Queensland.”

Courtney says she’s incredibly grateful to be undertaking various roles until events return. 

“It’s a waiting game. It could be another month or it could be years. But Veolia has shown they have faith in me to undertake different roles. I’m in construction now, but if another division needs help, I could move into that position. I really believe that Veolia values me and wants to keep me, so they’re identifying opportunities for me until events start again. I’m really thankful for that.”

In addition to progressing her career and upskilling across the business, Courtney applauds the people at Veolia for making work so enjoyable.

“It’s about the friendships I’ve made here - we’re a ‘work family’. Everyone is so lovely and helpful. This pandemic has pulled the carpet out from all of us - I didn’t expect to be in construction, but one of the reasons I’m so happy is that I have good people around me. We have a great culture. I get on with our operations team so well - I’m always in their office downstairs. They say to me, ‘You should just move your desk down here already!’ So after working from home for a few months, it feels great to be back in the office again and seeing teammates face-to-face.” 

Courtney offers one simple tip to Business or Events graduates who may not have considered a career in resource utilities: take a closer look! 

“There’s a lot to discover at Veolia - it’s so much more than just waste. When I did an internship with Veolia, I didn’t realise I would still be here gaining some experience across divisions. If you put the effort in and make it clear where you want to go, you’ll find that Veolia is not a stepping stone to another company - it’s a career.”

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