Veolia's RECYCLEPAK® is the answer to NSW plastic straw ban

It might be the last straw, but Veolia says it doesn't have to be one that further damages the environment. 

Veolia’s RECYCLEPAK® service is on standby to help consumers and businesses be responsible recyclers as bans on various plastic products continue to broaden around Australia.


RECYCLEPAK® targets hard to recycle items such as snack wrappers and plastic straws that can’t be typically recycled in traditional ways and finds dedicated recycling or recovery methods that responsibly divert them from landfill. The solution is designed to help businesses to conveniently recycle the items in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner. 

State governments are increasingly taking steps to reduce the impact of plastic on our environment. 

In Western Australia, for example, the supply of plastic products such as shopping bags with handles, disposable cutlery and most disposable foodware was banned on 1 July this year. In New South Wales from 1 November, plastic straws are one of the items set to be banned, a product RECYCLEPAK® is geared towards. 

Veolia CEO Richard Kirkman said that while plastic is arguably one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, how we dispose of it requires a rethink. 

“Our lives would be fundamentally different without plastic,” Mr Kirkman said. “One only needs to walk the aisles of a supermarket to understand how this ubiquitous product has provided much of the ease with which we go about our daily lives.

“But we’ve become too accustomed to the ease and convenience of plastic without paying enough attention to how we dispose of it. That’s the real issue.” 


Richard said that until product stewardship schemes become commonplace, solutions like RECYCLEPAK® are playing an important role in minimising environmental damage from plastic misuse. 

“Ultimately, plastic is not the enemy. It’s how we make it, how we use it and what we do with it after use that needs changing for the better.”

Veolia customers can order a RECYCLEPAK® box online. When the full box is ready for collection, the customer simply scans the QR code on the box to arrange collection right from their door. More information can be found here.


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