Veolia Receives a Canstar Blue Award for Waste Management

The majority of small businesses are taking the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to waste disposal, a new survey has found.

Consumer research and ratings company Canstar Blue surveyed 200 small business owners and found that just 8% considered environmental solutions to be their top priority when choosing a waste management service.

Rather many small businesses are predominately concerned about the cost of waste disposal, coupled with good customer service.

 “Given the financial pressure on many small businesses, it’s perhaps understandable that most prioritise the bottom line over where their rubbish actually ends up,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle.

Drivers of customer satisfaction % of respondents
Client service  31%
Value for money 31%
Bin / container hire 21%
Speed of waste disposal 9%
Environmental waste solutions 8%

Source: Small Business survey 2015

“Business owners seem to be putting the emphasis on whoever manages their waste to do a responsible job and most are not overly concerned about what happens once it’s off-site. They simply want a reliable, efficient and capable service to help keep their operation moving. And of course, they would rather not pay more than they have to.”

Business owners, with fewer than 20 employees, were asked to rate the waste management service they use across a range of research categories, with Veolia scoring five-star ratings across the board.

“Business owners are convinced that Veolia is ticking all the boxes,” said Mrs Doyle. “To achieve top marks in every category is a fantastic result. Congratulations to Veolia for providing small businesses with responsible and cost-effective waste management services.”

Commenting on the award, Managing Director Doug Dean AM said Veolia was proud to have been recognised by small business owners for excellence within customer service.

“Customer focus is a fundamental tenet of the Veolia brand, and this award solidifies our commitment to building solid, lasting relationships with our clients. With a presence in Australia for more than forty years, Veolia has realised the importance of providing our customers value; whether this be through great customer service, effective pricing or through the delivery of an alternative waste solution. Small businesses are faced with increasing financial pressures, if Veolia can take away some of that burden by providing a solution that is innovative, effective and efficient then we are doing our job as an environmental solutions organisation.”