As one of Australia’s leading energy companies, Origin Energy must undertake regular shutdown and maintenance of its gas plants to keep them in top working order. They needed an industrial service provider who could deliver large-scale onshore and offshore shutdown projects, while minimising maintenance downtime.

Since 2009, Veolia and its alliance partner Dialog (a specialist in catalyst handling) have successfully delivered multiple shutdowns to Origin Energy’s Victorian assets: Otway Gas Plant and BassGas at Lang Lang.

With our environmental focus, local expertise, experience and capabilities, and best-practice project planning and management in partnership with Dialog, we have completed all shutdown operations without safety or environmental incident and to tight timeframes. Crucially, we have helped minimise the disruption and downtime to Origin’s gas extraction and processing operations.

2016 slug catcher cleaning

During the 2016 shutdown at the Otway Gas Plant, Origin engaged Veolia to clean its slug catchers – the most dangerous, and most contaminated, part of the plant. Adding to the challenge, Veolia had only a three-week shutdown period to develop and deliver the cleaning operation before the plant was brought back online.

Our industrial services team in Victoria consulted with local technicians and international experts to develop a tailor-made solution. Using a combination of chemical cleaning and other specialised equipment, we successfully emptied and cleaned the slug catchers well within the shutdown timeframe. And, with the slug catchers performing to their full capacity, Origin can now allow more time between shutdowns, meaning less downtime for the plant.


  • Chemical cleaning
  • High / Ultra Pressure Water (HPW) cleaning up to 3,000 bar
  • Vacuum loading
  • Bundle extraction and cleaning
  • On-site waste management
  • High volume product transfers
  • Catalyst handling
  • Tank cleaning without confined space entry

Benefits to our client

  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime
  • Minimal disruption to gas extraction and plant operations with vessels returned to service earlier
  • Reduction in environmental footprint through advanced cleaning processes and effective onsite waste management
  • Highest possible safety, quality and environmental standards and practices
  • Comprehensive training for Veolia personnel, ensuring all works were completed in a safe and efficient manner, meeting client and legislative requirements
  • Local and international expertise

Innovative technology to reduce downtime

Nil safety or environmental incidents

Customised solution to suit specific needs